who we gotta be

dude punched this chic in the face. multiple times. like a dude. and another man, stood across the street, and recorded it. who did she have to be, to deserve his concern? a woman wasn’t enough. a black woman. a black woman in his presence. none of it was enough to deserve his interjection. then a day later, someone i would consider a friend, posts on ig “if y’all want our protection, acknowledge us when you walk by.” so we owe you for your protection? is your birth into the world from the womb of a black woman not enough? is your daughter not enough? there is some homage that we all need to pay to be protected by the very men we birth? are you fucking kidding me?! i lost my shit.

this is a prime example of why we say black women are the most disrespected sect of people on the earth. demonized, sexualized, abused, dismissed and devalued. we owe you NOTHING. we don’t owe you a hi. why? because we don’t. because i don’t know you. because you disrespect us just like they do. and we somehow, owe you something. get the fuck outta here. we fight for you. for your very existence. we stand for our men, and children, and sisters, but who stands for us? the idea that any debt we could possible incur hasn’t been paid time and time again with the very bones in our bodies that spread to allow you to live. i was beyond myself. the mother of all that is.

the most hurtful part, is that he’s a “good guy”. he’s one i would never expect to say such a thing. and yet… it’s so hurtful. that he, the father of a girl and two boys, stood firm in his position. his thought was not, what if that was my daughter. would i have wanted some one to step in? what if she just walked past the guy recording and didn’t say hi. would he feel he was justified in letting her be beaten in the street? his mother? his sister? who the fuck did she have to be, to be worthy of protecting? who we gotta be?