when life gives you lemon (pie)

though it seemed like 2016 was a bitch on her rag, 2017 has ALREADY taken the prize as a vengeful wench. this past week alone has been ridiculous. 

one of my clients paid her invoice a week later than expected. my power steering went out in my truck. ALL my bills are due at the same damn time. my car DIED in the middle of the street. I had to pay $135 to have it towed. and on top of all that, my ends are split. FML

i decided, in the midst of all this, to do what makes me happy: cook with bee. lemon meringue pie. just like my mom use to make when I was a girl. i went to the store and purchased all our necessary ingredients. we separated yokes, poured condensed milk, squeezed in lemon juice, and again, and again. PERFECT! now into the fridge you go. over night it sat. firming up. becoming great. the next morning, It was time to go. i stuck it in the car... just a few hours will be fine. 3 hours turned to 7. my pie was soup.  ok, no biggie, back to the fridge. over night. time to cut... bish where? ya can't cut soup! it was done. a creamy, tangy, sweet, canary colored runny mess. fuck this! I'm eating my pie! I grab a spoon, ladle it out, drop a thick ass dollop of whip cream on top, and plop down. lemon meringue pudding bitch!

click the picture for the recipe. (for pie, not pudding. LOL)

click the picture for the recipe. (for pie, not pudding. LOL)

in all this craziness that is my life: the disconnect notices from bills i didn't even know I had, cars giving up the ghost, my daughter telling me she wants "a new mom", and this gut that I clearly refuse to do a damn thing about, i find myself sad and overwhelmed. yet, there's still a song in my heart. i can still find a reason to praise him. if she didny pay her invoice late, that money would've already been spent by time my car died. 

sometimes life sucks. HARD. but i still make pie. and even when that pie turns to a pile of runny, unrecognizable slop, i slap some whip cream on top and keep it pushing.  i still gotta do something about these split ends though. LOL