what's the point

i have always listened to the lyrics.  i never understood how people could say, "i like the song because of the beat."  it always felt like a cop out to me.  shut up liar... no you don't.  you might have started there, but if you didn't at least like the lyrics a little, you wouldn't blast this shit.  when i heard "trampoline" by jidenna the first time... i was hooked.  it has SO many layers.  it's well thought out.  well written.  beautifully executed.  production value at 1000.  it's just a good ass song.  but the second verse... bruh!

Need to be free more. What the fuck we got degrees for?
If we ain’t flying overseas more. If we ain’t fucking on the seashore.
If we ain’t puffing on the breeze more.
Getting cheese more. Stripper tease more.
Man I got a little but I need more. Need to leave this bitch like a senior.
What we get green for?
If we ain’t tryna go and see more. Champagnin’ with the team more.
Congratulations nigga we won!
I been feeling stuck like a Uber with the child lock on the side door
If we ain’t live to die for it. Going eye to eye to eye for it.

i get so lit when i hear that verse.  it's so cool to me that he puts it out there like that.  what's the point?  we spend all this time, incurring mountains of debt, studying, testing, stressing, working... for what?  what's it worth if we're not living fuller lives because of the work we put in.  if you're sitting at home, on the couch, eating cheese puffs and watching reality tv... why do all that work?  how is your life better for your investment?  

take inventory of your life.  i know the last 5 years have definitely been a bit bland for me, but the turn up is downloading...

 "anyone who works as hard as me, got a right to get lit!" LOL

*here's a little video of jidenna breaking the lyrics to one of my favorites by him, "the let out"