what do i tell her?

i couldn't get through this video the first time i watched it.  the gravity of this is so overwhelming for me.  i recall the killing of travon martin, and how broken i was.  he was my son.  my nephew.  my brother.  my friend.  i saw every little brown boy i know in his face.  and i was ripped apart.  instead of his death being this moment that shifted the momentum of police brutality, it was but a drop in the bucket of names of our slain children to come over the following years.  this video breaks my heart.  the pain in these babies' faces as they download the weight of the world they live in.  the reality that they are seen as bad, even though they've done nothing wrong, just because they are brown.  it's not fair.  it's not fair that we even have to have these conversations with them.  it's not fair that even when we comply, it doesn't guarantee we will come home.  it doesn't mean we won't get kicked in the face, or tased, or viciously beaten.  because we're brown.  

what do i tell my baby?  how do i help her understand how amazing and strong and beautiful she is, and then tell her, to diminish herself in the face of those who are hired to protect her?  how do i help her understand that just because she's a child, doesn't mean they won't hurt her?  or just because she didn't do anything wrong, that they won't take her?  how?  what do i tell my baby?

shit like this makes island living seem so appealing.  just water, fruit, making beaded bracelets for the locals & tourist, and peace with my baby.  this shit is wearing on me.  facebook posts, news stories, instagram videos... i just can't.  it's all just too much.  way to much...  and the worse part about it, is there really isn't anything to be done about it.