what the flowers taught me


i like flowers. love them. there’s something so telling about the process a flower goes through. he knows that love. knows how much i love them. he didn’t always know why. perhaps he still doesn’t. but he buys them for me none the less. most recently, they were lilies. big. beautiful lilies. i told him why i’m partial to lilies. the longevity. the stretch in which they open. how the buds go from so tight and seemingly unattractive, to the biggest most flamboyant blooms you’ve ever seen.

like love.

sometimes we don’t see it. we don’t understand the glorious expansiveness. we don’t believe it’s there. and then we wake up, and there it is. huge. prominent. undeniable. they open slow, but if you’re mindful, you can see it. hour after hour… more and more… they reveal all their beauty to the world.

most folks go for the fully open blooms. they don’t get it. you have to be willing to prune and wait a day for the magnificence to unfold. you cheat yourself otherwise. thing is, some buds are bad, and they never open. you’ve got to know what to look for. understand the plant. the process. and when you do, the pay off is totally worth it.