what i want, i must get

i do it all...

i know, that's a hell of an opening line.  but it's true.  when it comes to what it takes to keep my life flowing, with the exception of major maintenance, i do it myself.  so what, right?!  here's the thing:  more people should.  i definitely have a wealth of "areas of opportunities"', but NOT one of them is being solution oriented.  

recently, i decided i wanted to upgrade my blog site.  fresh landing page, complete with transparent hover effects and titles that appear as you float over.  but i don't know how to do that shit... until i did.  i could have called my bf and asked her to knock it out for me, and she could have done it in 20 minutes.  but i didn't.  i googled it.  i researched it.  i figured it out.  i did it.  i was lit!  i'm in the kitchen cheering for myself and what not.  bee comes in, "mom, why are you so loud?!"  LOL  "i did it bee!  i figured it out!"  she smiles.  "good job mom."  but i really start thinking about it...  this is it.  this is how we transcend our current state, to where we want to be.  you dig in, you do the research, you do it yourself!

look, i'm the first person to let someone else handle the situation... but sometimes, you've got to figure it out for yourself.