watermelon lemonade

first off... don't let the title fool you... this shit put me on my ass!  it was so good that i was drinking it like it was juice.  and it was all good... until it wasn't.  me and my boo decided we were going to have a nice quiet night in.  crab cakes, broccoli & a bottle.  bet!  so i'll make a fresh squeezed lemonade, pop some strawberries in there, then spike it with some watermelon vodka.  oh yeah!  i ate, i drank, i was merry.  so merry in fact, that i had a sudden desire to hit the scene.

so we get to the bar... my homie is there.  buying the bar.  shit!  one more shot, i can handle it.  (or so i thought.)  bruh... it was a bad one.  like sick in a cup while my homegirl drove home, bad one.  like on the couch all day and sick 3 more times kind of bad.  i was done for!  

my advice:  use half the bottle, not the whole thing like my alcoholic ass. lol

the recipe

juice of 5 lemons

2 cups of cold water

sugar to taste

add vodka at your discretion (half a bottle recommended)