trust & believe

bee & i have morning prayer & affirmations on her way to school. i enacted this practice a couple weeks ago. it's been helpful for the both of us. I have had a great deal of focus and it has yielded great results. but today i received some news that could have taken me off focus. i decided instead (after my 5 minutes of emotion), that i will NOT be shaken. God has AMAZING things in the works, and my verbal declarations of success and growth are being challenged. i will remain focused. i will continue to trust God for abundance. i will continue to use the gifts he has given me to build wealth for my family. i WILL WIN!

this message is for me. but it also for all those who feel like they're doing their best and everytime you feel you've pulled ahead, you get pulled back. embrace this moment. it is making you great. take 5 minutes, cry it out, say a prayer, clean your face, then jump into action. trust God. trust yourself. it WILL be MORE THAN alright. 


"frustrated, but faithful"