they hate a brown girl

if they’re looking for smoke, they got the right one.

this hoe really called me to tell me my baby was out of dress code ON HER BIRTHDAY! bitch, you out your mind. after i calmly informed her that i would NOT be bringing my daughter a change of clothes, but instead will sign her out, i commenced to vent that shit out. i had get that negative energy out of my space. i heard the words i was saying, and as i heard them, became extremely emotional. full on tears. but why? why am i this pissed? especially if i had already remedied the situation? because i knew what it really meant. bee was too much. too much for their bland ass taste buds. she was intimidating them. she didn’t conform to their whackness. she was an independent thinker, believer and dresser. she was celebrating her awesomeness, at full go, and they couldn’t take it. they were trying to break my baby’s spirit.

now i’m fucking steaming.

i go to the school, as i was already planning to do as i ordered pizza for her entire class to celebrate her bday. the teacher on lunch duty smuggly says, “the kids still need to get their regular lunch.” okay bitch, and?! the kids pile in, get their school lunches and i pass out pizza. bee comes in, sits down, and is visibly upset. she tells me that her teacher wouldn’t allow her to complete her work station because she was tapping her fingers in boredom. *stimulate her mind dummy, maybe she won’t tap in BOREDOM. ok, whatever. let’s eat this pizza, then we’re out. no, she wants to go to recess in the gym first. ok, cool. the kids line up to walk over to the gym. i tell her that i’ll meet her over there. 5 minutes later, i enter the gym to find bee, with a few other kids, sitting along the wall. head down, big poufy dress surrounding her. same teacher from lunch points me to her, no words. as i approach, i can see she’s crying. she tells me she lost her recess for the first time EVER. why? she doesn’t know. what the entire fuck?! for real?! let’s go! i sign her out, and immediately shift the energy. michael jackson on blast, a piece of gum, straight to build a bear!

as my daughter’s demeanor began to upswing, i was still so upset. her beautiful spirit, under attack. by people who are responsible for pouring love and affirmation into her. undeserving devils. what kind of person could willing snuff out the joy of a little girl on her birthday? i saw the discomfort, the jealousy, the intimidation that my little brown girl was already making lesser women feel. i was so many emotions all at once. but more than anything, i was determined. determined to keep her flame lit. i refuse to let ANYONE dim her light. not for a fucking second! she is the epitome of black girl magic and will not let you blow her high for ANY reason.

not today becky. or any other day for that matter.

- the clawed and ready, momma bear