the wine bistro

there are only a few places in the city that i hold sacred.  you know, those places you love so much but you never want to tell anyone about.  well... i've decided not to be selfish any more and share one of my precious little gems.  the wine bistro.  with several locations across greater columbus, i doubt i'll run into you at my location of choice anyway.

why i love it...

well for starters, wine! DUH!  there are bottles upon bottles upon bottles!  you can open one to drink while you enjoy lunch or dinner, have one chilled to take home with you, or run in, stock up, and roll out... either way, the bistro is my go to for a good glass.

my favorite thing though, is that it's so overlooked.  whether friday happy hour when all the bars are packed, a beautiful saturday when everyone is clamoring to the nearest patio, or sunday funday where brunch abounds, i can always find the perfect table at the bistro.  (hopefully this post doesn't change that! LOL)  and bonus for all you fur parents... their patios are dog friendly!

but the wine and the atmosphere are just the beginning.  the food is amazing.  my favorite items on the menu are the bistro salad and crab cakes.  there. are. no. words.  the next time you're in the market for a great glass, the perfect atmosphere, and a meal that will surely satisfy, make your way to one of my favorite places.  i promise, you wont be disappointed.