the purest love

taylor grey is one of the luckiest girls i know.  her father is an amazing man.  he comes from a long line of amazing men.  his father, his grandfathers, his uncles, and his brothers (and brother in laws) are all extraordinary examples of the breath taking awesomeness of black men.  hard working, god fearing, loyal, patient, present, and so full of love.

as so many are celebrating love, i can't help but think of my first love.  my daddy.  and how taylor too will be able to say she was loved so purely by her father.  mr. is very conscious of how he manages her and giving in his love for her.  from playing dolls with her while she's in the tub, organizing play dates with her friends, and being a bed time routine KING, he goes above and beyond for his little girl.  it's so important that women have this as little girls.  it teaches us how we should be treated by the future men in our lives.  being able to bare witness to the beauty of pure love is so humbling.

i have to say... no matter what has, or will happen between mr. and i, i did a good job choosing my daughter's first love.