take a break

it’s a weekly thing for me. often not a saturday or sunday, but weekly none the less. i drop the kiddo off, come home, make a great breakfast, and do whatever it is i want to do. nothing i HAVE to do. i just take care of me. watch that movie i’ve been meaning to watch, give myself a facial, paint my nails and drink a bottle of wine. i do it because it keeps me sane.

as a constant observer of the world around me, i believe people are pushing themselves to depletion and don’t even realize it. present parents, particularly, find themselves exhausted, with no end in sight, and more over, no personal time slated. why do we do this? why do we think we can continue to function at this high pace without refueling? not eating, sleeping, but fueling. this begs the question… what fuels you? it’s different for everyone, obviously.

the reality is this: we give so much of ourselves away. work drains us, kids demand everything of us, our partners pull from us, and if we’re not careful, we will be left with the shell. no substance, no energy, nothing. don’t give your best self away. always make time to sit still and hear your thoughts. it is most often, in that quiet time that we return to what our purpose is.