shea moisture faux pas

i kept seeing these statuses about shea moisture, so i'm like "what happened?"  i find the video that everyone is all up in arms, boycotting, and bitching about it, and i only have one thing to say... "y'all should shut the fuck up!"

yo, i'm so sick of black people getting all pissy about shit that is so trivial in the grand scheme of things.  ok, they didn't showcase any deep skinned girls in their video FOR THE FIRST FUCKING TIME EVER!  not only that, they DID showcase primarily white women and the one black girl in it, is fair skinned.  SO FUCKING WHAT?!  y'all still drinking pepsi, shopping at walmart, tj maxx, and amazon.  all of whom have wronged you far more by being racial insensitive, dismissive or supporting dumb ass trump.  you buy brands that have never showcased a black woman in an ad EVER.  shut. up.

it's sickening how quick we are to boycott our own without so much as an opportunity for explanation.  many of us are so removed from the complexities of business and the delicacy of expansion that you jump out the window at the first sign that it's not "exclusively for you" anymore.  how stupid do you sound?!  you're the very same people to stand up and clap if pantene does a commercial with all black girls.  or if gap has a deep skinned girl featured.  how then can you be so appalled that any other brand decides to INCLUDE others?  and, dare i say it, feature them more heavily?  

we have got to escape this crabs in a barrel thinking.  i applaud shea moisture for attempting to be INCLUSIVE in a time where our country is so divided.  even if it's "just hair care".  this, right here, is why white folks holler "reverse racism."  it's hair.  it's conditioner.  why can't everyone use it?  everyone be featured?  everyone get some shine?  

i'm so disappointed in my people on this one.  we have WAY more important things to be up in arms about.  a dedicated brand deciding to capture more of the market by being racially sensitive and not wanting to be labeled as a strictly a "black hair care line" is NOT one of them.  #haveseveralseats