SC Bar & Kitchen

it was late.  i was exhausted.  my cousin is trying to persuade me to get out of the house.  "the girls are gone... let's go out."  i was NOT having it.  but i got a text from my best friend.  he's only in town for a few more days, and he wants me to meet him out.  he and his cousins are at SC bar & kitchen, right around the corner from the house.  ok, let's swing by there.  bet.  

we pulled up and the parking lot was packed.  the sound of the dj barely made it past the two sets of entry doors.  a couple sat closely on the patio, fully engrossed in one another.  as we entered the venue, laughter echoed through the bar.  a variety of patrons filled the seats around the huge oval bar.  black, white, old, young.  i spotted my friend and his crew along the wall of tables.  we grabbed a seat, order a drink... and then it began. 

have you been here before?


their food is amazing!


no seriously!  everything i've tasted tonight has been amazing.

my friend tends to have a bit of an addictive personality.  i don't always take his word for food.   like, yeah friend, it's good, but it's not all that.  he's addament.  just order the rice.  salmon & rice.  bruh, seriously?  jo, just trust me.  ok, i agree reluctantly.  i order the shrimp & grits.  my cousin gets the salmon & rice.  the first bite blew me back.  there's no way in hell bar food should be this good!  this is joke right?!  $13 for this quality food?!  yeah right!  i tasted her salmon... the best i've EVER had.  literally. it was cooked to perfection.  the flavors were distinct but not overwhelming.  that rice.  good God, that rice!  i would literally just eat the rice.

the next day, i went back with my mom & sister.  i've got to see if that was a fluke.  sister got blackened salmon, mac & cheese, and red beans & dirty rice. i got chicken breasts, mac & cheese, and sauteed spinach. mom just got rice. lol everything was amazing.  not the way the wings at your favorite bar are amazing.  i mean, take a picture of the menu and phone number on the front so you never forget the name of this place, amazing.  like i ate there two more times that week, amazing.  like i don't care if i'm tired and in the bed, if you invite me to SC, i'm on my way, amazing.

the egg rolls are hand rolled daily, the chicken breast are so flavorful and moist that i get them sauceless, the spinach makes you wish you knew how the hell to cook spinach that good.  hear me.  carry your ass to SC Bar & Kitchen.  you. will. not. regret. it.  #thankmelater