witness the gift

i don't know where i saw the first video of them(see below)... but i remember thinking, these two are special.  it would be years before i would hear the voices of raii & whitney smith again... but as soon as i did, it was like i was hooked all over again.  i followed on IG and added their website to my rss feed.  i've seen them on tour with various artist since.  alicia keys, chrisette michelle, bruno mars.  but this video... this one says so much to me.

i often talk about the blessing it is to observe someone doing the work god placed them on the earth to do.  there's a particularly special feeling for me when it comes to the musically inclined.  the ability to use your voice to invoke such strong emotion, is truly amazing to me.  it is especially incredible when you're able to live in your gift, with the one you love.  watching raii & whitney sing together is like watching god sculpt a rose.  their chemistry and sync is a blessing to partake.  

i hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

first video i saw of them, YEARS ago.

their 2016 "america's got talent" audition below.