occasionally ugly

head wrapped, no makeup on.

head wrapped, no makeup on.

these bitches be lying bruh. scroll your ig feed, facebook, whatever. these bitches be lying. y’all don’t look like this all damn day. y’all get up with the sun, put a shit ton of makeup on, spend 30 minutes curling that wig and commence to stunt for the gram. i can’t. iin tried. it’s a bust. the amount of time, forethought and work it takes to be pretty for a bunch a damn strangers day in and day out… ain’t for me. in the last 7 days, i have put on makeup not one damn time, and have worn some form of head wrap of scarf every damn day. here’s my thing…

i’m a real ass mom. with a real ass business. and i’m real ass busy. like legit b. and when i’m not busy, i’m trying relax enough not to be a ball of stress for my kid, business and beau. i ain’t got time for “cute for no reason”. absolutely none. so i’ve decided to be ugly. occasionally. i should probably say that the other way. i’ll be occasionally cute. i’ll be a naturally pretty, little bitty afro wearing, makeupless babe on most days. when the occasion calls for it, i’ll jazz it up. cause i can, and i’m good at it… but i don’t need that shit. and i’m not going to pump fake for social media as if that’s how i spend most of my days.

i’m tired of the lies. i’m a bust down. for real. like i sit around in his drawers and a tank top most days. and i know these heauxs do too. this fake ass world that social media has created is b.s. i’m not feeding into the matrix. not anymore. my life, my self esteem, my pride is not in any way attached to likes, or shares, or even views.

so i’ll be occasionally ugly.

*kanye shrug*