momming made easy

don't you hate it when your shorty wants to do something, and you're all... listen kid, i'm not about to blow a bill at the damn arcade just so you can win a damn teddy bear... let's hit the dollar store and i can just buy you one!  LOL  well, here's a wallet friendly day out for ya!

the pickerington marcus cinema is back at it, with discounted movies for the youngins all summer!  #winning.  they don't have the free ticket vouchers like last time, but hey... you can't beat $3.  and that's not just the kid price.  ONLY $3 FOR ALL MOVIE GOERS!  the only downside for me is, who is trying to go to the movies at 10am?!  for $3?!  me!!!  wake up!  let's go! lol  bonus:  small popcorn & fountain drinks are discounted too!  $2.75 for the win!  hit us up if you want to make a play date out of it.  (you know kids eat free at o'charley's with purchase of an entree... just saying. :D)