live legendary

this week's motherhood post, is inspired by one of the greatest dads i've known... 

Kenneth Eugene White Sr.

i'm not sad.  i cried when i first heard the news, because that's what you do when you hear your best friend's father has passed.  i cried because i knew he would be sad.  but i, am not sad.  and that's the last thing kenneth eugene white sr. would ever want anyone to be.

the legendary kenny white sr.

the legendary kenny white sr.

kenny sr. and my mother were friends before best friend and i were even born.  how they met, i don't know, but i never recall not knowing him.  he was the loud guy who threw the kwanzaa party at the huge house on franklin park every year.  the guy with the camera.  the jewelry.  the car... the babe.  but boy oh boy, was he so much more than that.

there are few men who have such a respected legacy in this city.  a man who was always known for his smile and lively conversation.  he challenged you, encouraged you, and if you let him, drove you crazy.  LOL  i'm happy to be able to say that i knew him.  that i loved him.  that he impacted my life.  i learned much from kenny, but one lesson in particular stands out to me more than any other,  LIVE!  

i don't mean that in the generic "make the most of your life" way.  i mean that in a, keep a smile, be a blessing, go on adventures, fear nothing, indulge in what makes you happy, work a job you love, fall in love, again & again, travel the world, kind of way.  live out loud.  full speed.  with vigor!

oddly enough, his passing has inspired me.  to live a life that makes people say "well, she did it all!"  i want my daughter to feel like, "i'm going to miss her, but we had a blast for the time she was here with me."  in the memory of kenny, i charge all who i encounter, to live a life of a legend.  be motivated by success, happiness, experience, truth, love, adventure, fullness.  in those moments you find yourself in a rut, be it on your job, with your spouse, your kids, or your personal endevours, make a legendary choice, in honor of a great man.