l.a. girl FFPG = MAGIC!

my go to lip products when i know it's going to be a LONG night.

as a girl who loves tequila, trust me, i have fallen asleep (some might say passed out), without removing my makeup a time or two.  when i wake up the next morning, lashes stuck together, eyebrows a wreck, skin dehydrated and FULLY INTACT LIPS... i have to tell the crew!

i LOVE l.a. girl flat finish pigment gloss.  like, love it like a really good boyfriend.  they have been put through the ringer more than once!  the first time i noticed their ridiculous staying power, i woke up after a night of partying hard, 3 margaritas, 3 shots of tequila, and a mcdonald's filet'o'fish.  my lips were still poppin!  most recently, i did my makeup, had 2 drinks, wendy's nuggets & sriracha fries with sour cream, partied, 2 more drinks and gyro! (stop judging me... i can feel it! lol)  i got home, passed out, and woke up with a fully wearable lip! #iwokeuplikethis

the only "con" i have with this product is that, though you can order online HERE, it's so hard to find locally. the only store that i know carries it is U.S. Hair on cleveland ave, just south or morse rd.  $3.99 for these little gems.  grab a few a tell me what you think.  but be warned, they're addictive!