the truth about lace fronts

they're a lot of fucking work!

the end.  LOL

no but seriously.  they're gorgeous, and photograph flawlessly, but in real life, it's still a lace babe.  i've figured out how to "melt" it into the skin, but when you're up on it, there's no hiding that net.  don't be fooled.  still, they're a great way to switch it up and put all your hair away for a while.  here's my top 5 MUST knows if you plan on rocking a lace front.

1.  gel is NOT glue :  glue keeps your lace in place MUCH longer than any gel.  (got 2 b glued included.)  i choose to gel anyway because it is so much easier to remove and to clean.  like 1000xs easier.

2.  forehead, not hairline :  apply your unit IN FRONT of your hair line.  not on it.  applying the unit on the hairline is what causes damage to your edges.  i put my wig on and mark the edge with concealer.  this prevents me from putting the unit too far back or glue/gel on my hair line.

3.  leave the lace :  when cutting off the excess lace, leave about 1/2 an inch.  cutting the lace too close is how you end up with that wiggy look where the hair just sprouts out your forehead.  LOL

4.  zig zag it  :  a straight line is hard to blend.  a zig zig line blends into the skin much better.  if that is difficult for you to do, they have scissors that create the zig zag line for you.  #cheatcode

5.  nothing lasts forever  :  neither gel, no glue will keep your lace in place inevitably.  i hardly sweat, sleep in pretty much one position all night, and know how to take care of my units, and i STILL have to touch it up every couple days.  there is maintenance required.  don't be fooled.  i give it a week tops if you don't sweat, and are super gentle.  tops!

look... don't let these instagram models & housewives make you think this wig life is a cake walk.  it's cool for a weekend, but when monday comes, don't be surprised when your edges are flapping in the wind. 

- thestylist