hen quarter


it was suggested to me by my mother. the food is great, she said. i was slightly underwhelmed for the most part, but there were some DEFINITE winners on the menu. so let’s focus on the good. (though i’ll briefly touch on what i won’t consider “misses”, but i know no one’s grandma made.

i’m currently on a fast from alcohol. no, not for lent. but because i was starting to feel like an alcoholic. drinking a bottle (or more) of wine a day, all by my lonesome… not a good look. i raise this because there was a particular cocktail that was CALLING MY NAME! it’s called “a lovely day” : cinnamon & vanilla infused patron, averna amaro, lavender honey, house vanilla tincture. (i’ll be back for you!) i feel like a good meal, starts with a good drink. so by default i have to just assume that by the sheer sound of this concoction, that it would have been amazing. check out the rest of their perfectly named cocktails here.


the appetizers were… good. the deviled eggs were a little salty, but we killed them none the less. these fried green tomatoes, near perfection. it’s the little things though, ya know. like soaking your tomatoes in salt water to get a good flavor throughout, THEN battering up and frying. the crab ravigote on top made it for it though. they reminded me of the fried green tomato stack that the brown stone use to serve. i still remember those things, almost 15 years later.

on to dinner.

here’s the thing… if you’re a black owned establishment, your fried chicken has to land. period. no exceptions. that wasn’t exactly the case here. this, to me, was a classic case of “seasoned the batter, not the meat.” the mac & cheese was creamy and cheesy, but lacked a bit in the flavor department, but the greens made up for both by being unforgettable. but none of those could hold a candle to this masterpiece…

sweet potato bread pudding with spiced praline, bourbon caramel and whipped cream.

sweet potato bread pudding with spiced praline, bourbon caramel and whipped cream.

who ever came up with this, is a genius. listen, i love a good dessert. and a bread pudding is hard to make unique. with the exception of nordstrom’s bread pudding, i’ve never had one i’d return for specifically . until this one. my gawd was this shit good. the piece of resistance, what i would call “caramel pecan brittle”. bish listen… that damn brittle with the warm perfection of the bread pudding… from jesus.

go this week. thank me later.