he roofied me

i struggled with the decision to share this, but after much thought, i've realized that i have to.  i am the last person i thought this would happen to.  for that reason, i have to tell my story.  if it can happen to me: the most skeptical and suspicious of all of my friends, it can happen to anyone. 

it wasn't a date.  not a romantic connection.  just a couple of friends having a drink.  with his female cousin no less.  my guard was completely down.  the fact that he gave me address to the house next door should have been sign enough... but i dismissed it.  upon entry, he offered me a drink.  i declined the open bottle of wine.  "i'll have a beer."  a beer i opened myself, with a sealed lid, that i drank out of the bottle.  but i did NOT take my beer to the bathroom with me.

after some friendly conversation, i started to feel, well... more than drunk.  i felt drugged.  as the feeling started to come over me, i hear him say to his cousin, "she's got 5 minutes.  10 minutes max."  immediately, self preservation kicked in.  i grab my phone from the kitchen counter where it was charging.  i text a friend.  "i feel very very drunk."  as i am frantically texting, he comments, "go 'head and try to get those last texts out."  it was at that moment, that i knew, with no doubt, that i was in danger.  i dialed 911, grabbed my keys and ran out the front door.  

as i ran outside, my bare feet slipped in  the wet grass.  "Jesus!", i called out.  with a strength that was not my own, i stood up and ran to the car.  i got in, locked the doors, and pulled off.  i gave the dispatcher as much information as i could recall in that moment, called my best friend to explain the situation and by the grace of God, eventually made it to their house safely.

after being there just a few minutes, it was evident... something is seriously wrong.  to the emergency room i went.  my heart rate was 180 at rest.  this was no reaction to a couple shots and a beer.  the doctors couldn't find evidence of any drugs in my system, and simply told me to stay calm, drink lots of water, rest, and let whatever was in my system pass.

the lights felt so bright in the ER, i covered my face with the blanket to get what rest i could.

the lights felt so bright in the ER, i covered my face with the blanket to get what rest i could.

is this really happening to me?  did he really do this?  he's so nice.  helpful.  friendly,  respectful.  i would even venture to say, a gentleman.  no.  he's none of these things.  he's a predator.  and he drugged me. 

in this day of tender dates, black people meet, and random bar hook ups, we are becoming less and less cautious of the "friends" we "know".  we do not, especially as women, have that luxury.  we have to be mindful, be safe, and be cautious. ALWAYS.  don't go anywhere alone.  if you do, make sure someone knows where you are, who you're with, and their contact information.  have them check on you periodically.  even with people you think you "know".  if you're going to drink, guard your glass at all times.  never let your car be blocked in and keep your id and keys on your person.  you never know when you'll need to make a quick escape.  the time it takes to dig into your purse, may be all they need to apprehend you.  most importantly, if for one second, you feel like something is wrong, LEAVE!  don't ask questions, or make a scene.  just grab your stuff and get out.

i thank God that i was able to get out before anything happened.  i know that God was protecting me.  i felt like i heard his voice.  jo jo, get out of here.  some do not respond so quickly, or are not able to.  and their stories end much differently.  trust the voice.  trust your gut.

i pray your safety, and i hope my story helps someone.

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