he called my bluff

so, i made a post called "do YOU".  it was a video of me discussing how i feel about being your authentic self.  a few days later, i get a call to interview for a position.  a position i'd love to land.  as i started preparing myself for this interview; what to wear, what color to paint my nails, how to do my hair... i hesitated.  should i do my hair in the style i was planning prior to finding out about this interview, or play it safe to be more "appealing" to the execs?  hmmmm....  ok god.  i see you.  not a week after i declare, i'm going to do me and i'm challenging all those around me to do them too, do you pull my card.  will you truly commit to this manner of thinking?  do you trust that i will provide for you?  you.  the authentic you?  or do you think you have to be someone other than your awesomely cool self in order to get this opportunity?  

i really had to think about it.  am i being defiant by choosing the initial style?  or am i being true to myself?  am i being irresponsible, knowing how some feel about non traditional hair in the work place?  or am i being brave?  honestly... i'm still a little hesitant.  but i hear my mom.  "you can't have fear AND faith."  i choose faith.  i walk boldly and proudly into my destiny.  as me.  100%.  if it's mine, it surely will be!

*i am going to cut my nails down though.  LOL  some shit just ain't appropriate. LOL