gee lillie

i'm all about supporting black business owners, and especially black WOMEN business owners.  so when i stumbled upon GEE LILLIE in easton town center, i was pumped!  boutique clothing, the cutest little sunglasses, make your own scrubs, body butter and lipglosses!  this is a little girl's dream store.  not to mention they host pamper parties! #YAS for all this black girl magic!

taylor popped from display to display, falling more and more in love with each step she took. mom, can I get this too?

i talked to the boutique owner while taylor "shopped". she'd just moved down from cleveland per request of an easton exec. "i'd love to put one of your locations in easton" she quoted, all the while smiling from ear to ear. it was first day open, and her second location. She was full of experience, and yet so eager to learn from the new environment she was immersed in. bee started to finalize her ridiculous list of selections. "pick one." i tell her. she finally commits to a nail polish kick. make your own sparkly colors. perfect. 

as i checked out, my eyes panned the store. this place is so stinking cute. like sugar and spice, and everything nice threw up in here. i think i've found a new favorite spot.  next time you're at easton, pop on over and check them out.  but be warned, your daughter is going to want EVERYTHING she sees.