find middle ground


as much as i love the beach… i hate the outdoors. bugs and dirt and fucking bugs. yeah. i said it twice! but bee, she loves the outdoors. rolling in the grass, jumping in muddy puddles, picking flowers (while fervently avoiding actual bees), the whole nine. she always wants to go to the park, take a walk, play in the snow, ride a bike… anything outside. i dig it. she’s suppose to. it’s part of what’s wrong with a lot of these damn kids. they don’t spend enough time outside. as not to be a contributor to the very problem i mentioned, i oblige her, as much as i can. one of my favorite ways to make our outdoor adventures pleasurable for the both of us (beyond spending time with my daughter of course), is drinking on the job. i know. that sounds terrible doesn’t it? i don’t give a phuq. it’s best for both of us! she gets to play, and i’m not an anxious, “over it” mom.

last week we pulled up to my cousin’s house to find her girls and their nanny out in the back yard hanging out. my cousin was still inside taking care of some work. the girls had blankets, a few dolls and an open field for what seemed to be a mile. taylor had the time of her life. as the nanny began to pack up, the girls wanted to stay outside a while longer. with no logical reason to say no, i agreed to stay out with them, but first… WINE!

don’t let something like bugs and dirt keep you from awesome opportunities to create memories with your family. just pour a glass of wine or eat a little treat to put you in the mood. drink & eat responsibly!

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