finding balance


the last few months have been pretty rough.  between the new beauty site launch, my blog going live, remodeling and moving into my childhood home, losing clients, working, bee and trying to manage some actual "free time", i'm drained!  the symptoms of a drained and stretched thin j'hanna, is an overactive bee.  she is starting to get in trouble, and i had to ask myself; what am i doing to contribute to this behavior?  my question had a clear answer.  when i'm not spending the necessary time to connect and bond with my mini, she gets annoying.  yes, i said it! but it's not her fault.  she's 3!  she needs and deserves my undivided attention.  when i'm working 24/7, anytime she gets with me is shared; with a client, my computer, or house work.

carving out the time to unplug and focus on bee not only makes her feel good, but it allows me to escape the craziness that is adult responsibility, and just have fun.  sing. dance. make believe... escape.  oddly enough, it allows me to return to my work with more focus, new approaches, and a greater appreciation for both work and my taylor grey.

being a "single" and full time mom, while building multiple brands is TAXING.  balance can be hard to find, and it doesn't always mean equal.  20 minutes of puzzle time, a dance break to beyonce's "love on top", popcorn and cuddles for a pre bedtime movie... whatever your "it" is, make the time.  work will be there, but they will only be "minis" for a little while.

in all of this, don't forget about you.  mommy needs her time too.  carve out an hour or two a week to center yourself.  have a glass of wine, turn off your phone and find your peace.  you deserve it.