do it scared

fear is a crazy thing. it stops us from being the people we want to be.  from being with the people we want to be with.  from going after our dreams.  from moving to the beach.  from being vulnerable.  fear stops us from living.  but why?  what are we afraid of?  of being hurt?  of being wrong?  of failing?  fuck all that!  i've come to believe, the abundance of life, is on the other side of fear.  the greatness we envision for ourselves takes a bit of sacrifice, tenacity, but most of all, courage.  we have to be willing to look our greatest fears in the eye, and say yes, i'm scared, but i won't stop.

courage is not the absence of fear... it's the audacity to do something DESPITE fear.  as the great shaun derik says, "do it scared."

i am a at a place where i can press forward toward the grandeur of my dreams, or i can concede defeat in the face of uncertainty.  i choose the hard road.  i choose to live without regret.  i will give my all to me.  not to my career, my passions, my lovers, my daughter, my friends, my family... to me.  i will fight for the audaciousness of my dreams.  i will live full out.  everyday.  even in my frustration.  i will give everything i have, to me.  in whatever way i need me.  because when it's all said and done.  why the fuck not?!