destination jeni's

i really think we're addicted to ice cream.  one brand in particular.  jeni's splendid ice cream.  i've been a die hard fan since her very first location in the north market almost 15 years ago.  when i would come home from school each weekend, there were 2 things that i HAD to do... dinner at grandma's and a trio from jeni's!  no weekend was complete without the two.  watching her brand grow from "the ice cream place in the north market" to the major player they are today has been so inspiring.  a regular mom from columbus with a dream.  

the best part to bearing witness to her monumental expansion (currently 23 scoop shops in 8 cities), is getting to induldge such indescribably delicious ice cream.  one of my favorite combinations is what i call "hot fudge popcorn".  a single scoop of both sun popped popcorn and salty caramel, a heavy laddel of bittersweet hot fudge & a generous dollop of their fresh made whipped cream.  but with summer officially over, and summer flavors fading away, a new favorite had to be born.

IN STROLLS BEE... "mom, i want to go to the north market.  i want doughnuts and ice cream."  destination jeni's was born!  a vanilla "donut" from destination donuts, split in half and placed sugar side up underneath a double scoop of salty caramel ice cream.  top with a moderate laddel of bittersweet hot fudge, fresh whipped cream and a GANG of cherries!  i don't know that i've ever been more proud of my bee!

the next time you're in the north market, you have to try it.  let us know what you think of our mini diabetes sunday. LOL  just chase it with a good deal of H2O... you'll be good. :)