death by unicorn

my local starbucks actually sold of this shit

my local starbucks actually sold of this shit

it's a beautiful piece of art work.  perfectly swirled colors of pink, purple & blue.  a sweet & sour concoction blended together with the hopes of creating a euphoric experience for your taste buds... but then, your heart starts beating fast.  you're antsy. anxious.  your blood sugar spikes, then begins to plummet.  it's happening, you're crashing.  the unicorn sits silently observing your rapid descend.  death. by unicorn.

no but seriously... some people will eat anything.  it's pretty, yes, but good god people, read a nutritional label first.  these things are like eating your whole day's worth of sugar consumption in one beverage... and then doing it again!  yes.  nearly TWICE your suggested sugar intake is one of these bad boys!  if you're "health conscious" enough to order a tall (small), you're only about 10 grams over... FOR THE WHOLE DAY.  better commit to eating raw for the rest of the day if you're having one of these bad boys.  

more over, what the hell food is neon blue?  there is some serious chemistry behind this joker.  not even blueberries are really blue.  don't believe me? watch how pissed bee gets when she says "i want a blueberry one so it can be blue", and she ends up with a purple smoothie.  

if you were  "adventurous" enough to try this, congratulations, you survived a starbucks experiment and are one of the few who can say "i consumed a unicorn!"  my only question... was it worth it?