classic chicken noodle soup

i generally shy away from old fashion recipes.  as my sister would say, i'm more of a chef emeril.  but when the weather decided to play "guess what season it is", i had to go to the tried and true to keep the colds at bay.  here's my super easy recipe for a DELICIOUS chicken noodle soup that the whole family will love.

now, y'all k now i don't measure a damn thing... so this is more like instructions than a recipe.

  1. remove unwanted fat from your chicken thighs

  2. place meat in pot of water and bring to a low boil

  3. while meat is cooking, cut up vegetables

  4. remove cooked meat from water & cut into bite size chunks

  5. season your broth to taste *flavors will intensify as it cooks

  6. insert veggies into broth and cook until soft but firm inside

  7. add chunked chicken into broth and simmer on low/med until veggies are soft

  8. reduce heat to simmer and add egg noodles *DO NOT OVER COOK

  9. ENJOY!