changed the game

it's a catch 22... having a connection with someone that's so profound that all other relationships pale in comparison.  but there came a moment that shifted my perspective. 

i'm irritable.  can't put my finger on it... just not in the best mood.  texts and calls are all invading my head space.  "leave me alone".  but it dawns on me.  it's not the texts and calls.  it's that they're not from who i want to talk to.  i'm void an element of synergy in my life right now.  and it's making me annoyed with everyone else.  

it's a surreal moment when you're so close to someone that you have no desire to be around other people.  it's the overwhelming vibration of the silence.  the silence that there is no desire to fill.  there aren't words for that.

reality is, there's a shift for me in maneuvering through my life.  not holding one exchange up to any other.  appreciating people for their level of amazingness.  greatness is no less great because i've exposed myself to impeccable.