broke birthday bash

so y'all already know... i keep it TRILL!  this post is no different.  i am SO BROKE right now... but i couldn't let it stop me from throwing my baby girl an amazing birthday celebration.  get into this broke girl creativity.

before a dime got spent, i had a conversation with my daughter.  baby, it's your birthday, and we're going to celebrate you.  but birthdays are not about gifts, or presents, or balloons.  it's about growth.  it's about god loving you enough to give you more time here with mommy and daddy and the rest of your family who loves you.  you may not get any presents, and that's perfectly okay.  everyone is coming to celebrate with you, because they love you, and care about you.  you got that?  "i got it mom."  great... now let's get this broke girl birthday cracking!

first things first...  i had to figure out what was free or damn near free... then mastermind a way to get mass quantities of said freeness.  so if you recall, i put you on to those free tickets at pickerington marcus cinema.  check!  print, text, email the link... DONE!  now what?!  food...

oh, but bish, o'charley's has KIDS EAT FREE, wait for... EVERYDAY! (with the purchase of an adult entree.)  we in there!  i reserved a table for 30, bought my baby some ballons ($25 for some G D ballons!), party hats ($1 on clearance) from party city, and a cup cake cake per taylor's request ($16 from giant eagle), and my girl was happy as a lark!

it's not about the money we spend.  it's about celebrating our babies.  if we always remind them that holidays are about spending time with the people we love, and showing them how much we appreciate and care for them, they'll be happy coloring a dollar store note book on a park bench...  as long as we're with the people we love.