who knew?!

my best friend comes to town, says meet him for dinner in the short north.  "brassica"

what the hell is that, i think to myself.  i google it, map it, and 10 minutes later i'm there.  the smell invites me in as i walk from my car.  the ambiance is quaint yet ornate.  gold rings to hold up your pita, fancy ass slabs with meats strategically carved and placed on display.  this looks amazing.

best friend orders his food.  i follow behind.  i'm not hungry.  i sample a few of the local beers they have on tap.  nothing i'm impressed with, so i pass.  we sit down, he cuts me a piece... MY MOUTH ERUPTS with flavor!  this is mind blowingly good!  how have i never been here?  never eaten this mediterranean slice of heaven.  more.  i need more.  

i'm hooked.  and i bet if you try it, just once... you will be too.  bye bye chipotle, hello brassica!