and easter makes 6

remember the worthless brother i referred to in my “i miss q” post? well, he sparked another one.

last weekend at easter dinner, this bum brings YET ANOTHER chic to family dinner. let me give you context. we do family dinner every month. or at least we try to. which means on average we see the family 12 times a year. making an exception for the times we cancelled due to too many folks not being able to make it, mom or pops being under the weather, or major family events that trump the gathering, i’d say we actually meet 8 times a year. in the last 2 years, this nicca has had 6 babes at our dinner table. after 3, pops told him not to bring another one… but he don’t give a phuq. no advanced notice. just hit the door with a new chic on his arm. so here’s the thing, if you want to rotate through these hoes… by all means, enjoy. but do we have to meet ‘em?!


more over… i know that if you’re bold enough to sit them at your parents’ dinner table amongst your siblings and in laws, you damn sure have introduced these chics to the girls. that’s the heart breaking part. these 3 beautiful girls have to endure the revolving door that is your love life. and they don’t have to, but they do. because you don’t have the common sense to keep your hoes across town where they belong. it really made me so upset. phuq the fact that we’re expected to remember all these hoes’ names and which one works where and has which kids or step kids or nephews they adopted. let’s lean in to what example you’re setting for your girls. the lessons you are teaching them: that women are expendable.

for shame. the burn out i had sitting there watching her fumble through her weird ass introduction, pops asking her “where you come from”, and all the siblings trying not to engage cause… why?! poor thing. poor little thing. all of em.

do yourself a favor… you think she’s the one? wait 6 months. if you still feel that way, wait 3 more. then let us me the babe. these hoes don’t even make it a whole season of game of thrones, yet we gotta look at her weird ass face while we eat. #stopit