a king and his gift

it isn’t often i look at an image and it brings me to tears. it takes an openness to energy to capture truth through a lens. it only took moments for me to understand that kenny had such an openness. more over, that he respected the responsibility of his gift… to capture a moment in time, in all of it’s glory. a still, of a moving, breathing, living, multifaceted being.

the first time we worked together was on a shot for the conglomerate where i provided hair and makeup services and he was creative director and photographer. his stoic yet peaceful demeanor immediately drew my attention. a man of few words, but a gentle spirit. i observed his attention to detail, his willingness to let a moment live, and a true desire to capture the complexity of beauty in the most honest way possible. it was in this meeting that i knew, i had to work with him again.

as i began to compile my (short) list of photographers to work with as i build my content portfolio, he sat at the top. we talked about how to best use our gifts, concepts, and execution, and then we went for it. when i shared my idea for this shoot with my daughter, i gave him free reign to capture it they way he saw fit. just as in our first meeting, i was speechless. kenny posted a set on social media, which was the first i saw of the images other than a quick look at his camera roll at the shoot. i was immediately brought to tears.

i am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people. it is my firm belief that when you’re doing what you’re purposed to do, other people get to experience god. thank you kenny, for being a embodiment of what is possible when we give of ourselves with love and truth. i am humbled to be a witness to your gift. as both a participant in the process and a fan.