grow toward the sun

i don't remember when i learned this, but all plants grow toward the sun.  even if it's the slightest bit of lean, every plant grows toward the most sun light.  i sat at my desk, pruning my little babies, and i noticed their discriminate lean toward the window.  it made me smile.  they're small, stuck in these plain little pots i spray painted gold for accent.  i water them once a week with an old water bottle, and yet, they manage to thrive.  they find the light.  

at this very interesting time in my life, this very simple rule brought me such enlightenment.  i feel like i'v learned A LOT about myself in the past couple years.  one of which is how guarded i have been.  so much so, that i often sabotage great opportunities out of fear of failure.  this has effected everything from my career to my love life.  as i've made a declaration to myself to be my best, have the best, and manage it wisely, i have struggled with how to truly execute that.  because habit is a dangerous monster.  even as i make decisions to make different moves, my habit kicks in, and i often find myself doing the same things.

my little plant challenged me though.  turn to the light jo.  allow your focus to be on the brightest possibilities.  turn your back to the shade and shadows.  they do not exist.  even in complete darkness, a plant will find the hole where the light shines through, and chase it.  grow to it.  i have to be that little plant.  even in what feels like darkness, find the light.  grow to it.  

i am very much an optimist.  i always know that "everything will be alright."  but the gag is, "alright" is so minimal.  shifting that statement changes the very possibilities before me.  everything will be amazing.  it will be beyond my wildest dreams.  and just like that, they are.  i often keep myself in a place i don't want to be in, because i focus on where i am instead of where i want to be.  the adjustment required to change my environment, is up to me.

this isn't just a career thing, or a money thing.  this applies to every aspect of my life.  my daughter, my family, my health, my heart... all of these things are controlled by my perspective of them.  and no, i can't control what other people do, but i can totally control how what they do effects me.  i can control if i'm going to be open or closed, trusting or suspicious, forgiving or vengeful.  these are decisions i get to make, and those choices build a world around me that i must live in.

i made an adjustment.  i decided what i wanted.  i work daily to achieve it.  everything i do, puts me closer to it.  and the universe conspires on my behalf.  god pulls the world down to my feet.  because i believe he can.  and i believe i can.  

everyone has their own set of circumstances.  push through.  go around the walls, over the bridges, and through the valleys.  press toward the light.  relentlessly.  your growth demands it.