natural teeth whitening

when it comes to teeth whitening... i've pretty much tried it all.  i've had varying results depending on the product, but one thing rang true for all... eventually, it hurt.  white strips hurt my teeth, peroxide and baking soda hurt my gums, and mouthwashes hurt both!  i finally found a toothpaste that was doing it's job, but i feel like i'm plateauing.  then here comes instagram with its millions of ads... CARBON COCO.  okay, you got me... ordered!

the first thing i will say is, BE CAREFUL!  the container is a screw top and if you're clumsy, make sure you open it over the sink in the event of spillage.  

the process itself is very straight forward... wet your toothbrush, dip into the carbon powder, brush your teeth for 3 minutes, spit, rinse, done.  i suggest using a traditional toothpaste once you're finished to remove any excess carbon from your gumline, between the teeth, and your tounge.

unlike EVERY other product (other than the toothpaste) i've tried, i've had NO PAIN!  i can't say that i saw miraculous results in my 4 applications, but i can tell a difference.  i'm going to keep it up, at least through the month.  i'm thinking i'll see more dramatic results in that time.  (i hope.)