hair goals

she called ME, "hair goals".  i couldn't believe what i was hearing.  me, YOUR hair goals, how sway?!  but it dawned on me, we don't give ourselves enough credit.  almost never do.  we always want our hair to be bigger, longer, silkier, curlier, fuller, finer, wavier, straighter, but almost NEVER are we completely satisfied with exactly what we have.  it made me really take a minute to just be happy with myself.  no, my wash & go is no where near what i want it to be... but it's mine, and there's something so beautiful about this mess on my head.  

i've decided to give weave a break for a while.  i could never pretend that i'm done.  (i told that lie once before.  no need to lie again!)  but what i truly believe is, i can't expect my daughter to be totally confident and comfortable with who she naturally is, if she doesn't see mommy doing it.  big hair don't care... for a while at least. 

in my challenge to you, to embrace all that you are, check out this video for a little motivation.