she can't even boil noodles

bee at her cooking class last summer

bee at her cooking class last summer

so i'm at m friends' house.  she made a meat sauce for spaghetti.  she asks her 19 year old daughter to make the noodles.  this girl drops a whole box of uncooked spaghetti noodles into a room temperature pot of water and puts on the stove to cook.  BRUH!  what the hell am i witnessing?!

the fact that this adult child, yeah i said it, didn't know how to boil noodles got me to thinking.  are we doing so much for our kids, that we're creating half ass adults?

completely different friend:  i'm doing makeup for a friend who is pregnant.  her 6 year old daughter asked for a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  her response is, "wait until my makeup is finished and i'll make it for you." WTF?! bruh!  she can't spread some pb&j on bread?  you don't even need a knife for that.  she can do that shit with a spoon!

what kind of adults are we raising?  because listen, we are NOT raising children. 

people often comment on how independent and self sufficient taylor is.  this was no accident.  from a very early age, mr. and i have pushed bee to "do it yourself".  holding her bottle, feeding herself, putting on her socks or coat, brushing her teeth, getting dressed, wiping her own ass... you name it.  the goal has always been to create a young lady who could "hold her own".  the very motivation for me allowing her to help me cook is so that she will be able to do so without my help. sooner than later.

we can not expect catered to children to become self sufficient adults.  i always say, you get out what you put in.  if you allow them to try new skills, with your supervision, they will develop a confidence that will propel them into greatness.  i truly believe that when children feel they are supported, they will go much further.  they are courageous and try more.  even when that support is something as simple as "baby, you're a big girl.  you can make your own sandwich."

our children are far more capable than we sometimes give them credit for.  often, their limitations are directly related to how much we stifle or push them.  how else do we explain a 3 year old piano prodigy, or a 10 year old basketball phenom... if we push them to be great, they will be.

we have the same chemical and physical make up of gymnast, rocket scientist, body builders and brain surgeons.  the only difference between us and them, is sacrifice, commitment and diligence.  the idea that our children's greatness starts with us, is humbling.  so i ask you, who are you creating?