year 3, not so much

taylor's fake ass cry

whoever coined the term "terrible twos", is a lying, tricking, son a bitch!  my little bumble bee was such a sweet little two year old.  all "yes mom" and "coming mom".  but this three year old chic... #returntosender.  she has a comeback for EVERYTHING!  no seriously.  e v e r y t h i n g!  i can't even get her to get dressed without a disagreement.  bruh!  you have to wear a coat because it's fucking negative 12 degrees outside!  get your life! 

what happened to my baby? my obedient, listening, perfect little baby?  i'll tell you what happened... THREE!  terrible twos my ass!  they should call this shit "head throbbing threes".  is this what our parents are talking about when they say, "you're going to have a little girl one day, and i hope she's just like you." what the entire hell?  is this what i was like?  a moody, know it all, who needs help all the damn time but swears "i can do it!"  what. the. hell?!

this babe brings new meaning to the word "frustration".  like seriously.  the other day i'm stuck in the car with this chic (long story), and she would not stop talking.  i just needed some quiet time.  just to gather my thoughts.  decompress.  but nope.  bee just wanted to be three.  mom, what's this?  mom, can we get out?  mom, can i drive?  mom, can i sit up front? mom, can i, can i, can i?  OH MY GOD!  girl, shut up!  (no, i din't say that to her, as much i wanted to.)  but i was so done!  i say "bee, i just need you to be quiet for a minute.  i need some peace. just relax."  her response:  "well can you get out so i can listen to the radio?"  BRUH!!!

the silver lining... she's about to turn four.  my hope is that she will shed her three year old train wreck of a baby taylor and emerge a beautiful, more mature, more obedient, less whiny big girl taylor.  but make no mistake about it, i LOVE me some taylor.  (most times, LOL)  it's just those 20 minutes of ridiculousness (spread out randomly over the course of a day), that make me want to drop her off at a fire station.  

and right on que... she's whining... gotta go guys.  pray my strength.