eat well; cheap!

like most people, i'm trying to be less of a spender, and more of a saver.  in order to do so, i have to evaluate my spending and trim the fat..  it only takes a quick glance at my account statement to see where the bulk of my money goes... IN MY MOUTH!  i drink and eat out WAY too much.  i am challenging myself to budget better in this area in particular. 

9 times out of 10, i'm eating out, because i'm out drinking.  so i have to start there.  an average drink is $7.50.  the average bottle of wine is $13.  a bottle of vodka is about $16.  quick math says i can drink far more for much less if i drink at home.

next is the real deal... how to eat good, at home, on a budget.  the key to success here, is planning.  by knowing what i plan to eat for the week, i can make a grocery list that is far more specific and keeps me from buying unnecessary stuff.

so here's one of my weekly grocery lists.  total is only $63.83!!!!

  • whole wheat organic spaghetti $1.39
  • free range, antibiotic free ground turkey $3.99
  • organic marinara sauce $2.29
  • cut black olives $1.50
  • organic broccoli $1.78
  • organic free range chicken breast $9.09 per pack (3-5 breasts)
  • 3 organic sweet potatoes $4.77
  • organic spinach $.234


  • organic honey nut oats cereal $2.79
  • organic almond milk $3.89
  • 3 organic fuji apples $5.07
  • 3 organic bananas $1
  • organic bbq chips $2.00
  • organic steel cut oatmeal $3.29
  • organic crackers (pair with cheese for snack) $2.49
  • organic whole wheat pie crust $5.19
  • *one chicken breast from previous package
  • organic free range brown eggs $3.89 (only 6 eggs used)
  • organic mild cheddar $3.79
  • organic green beans $1.39

update the list to reflect the meals you and your family enjoy, but plan ahead, get creative with your left overs, and eat before you shop!  it makes all the difference.  happy shopping, and better eating!