cousin's night

i got the text from my cousin... "Hot Tub Party!"

i'm like, "yeah, i don't know. i've got a lot of work to get done."

cousin says, "i'm making mac & cheese and muddled pear cider."

"bruh, i'm there!"

sometime's you don't realize how much you need some good "girl time".  whether it's a belly laugh with your bestie, happy hour with high school friends, or game night with the girls, quality time with your core team is essential.  

i dug out my favorite swim suit. (which wasn't fitting quit like it was this summer... thanks a lot Happy Holiday pounds!)  i threw on my coat and hit the door!  when i arrived to my cousin's, i was greeted by the smell of muddled pears and spiked ginger, the soothing sounds of erykah badu, and a warm white fluffy bath robe.  this is exactly what i needed!

we ate good food, drank til we couldn't drink anymore, and rotated through those hot tub jets like a rotisserie chicken in the oven at the deli.  once everyone's hair had been officially destroyed by the steam, we made our way back inside for one more drink, and a game of cards against humanity.  yo... that shit was hilarious!  i don't think i laughed that hard playing cards since mr & i played KINGS with shaun derik and the gang.

at the close of the evening, i felt so many things.  first things first, i was drunk!  that muddled pear cider was no joke!  more over, i felt connected; to my family, to my womanhood, and to myself.  there's truly something special about women being able to get together and just have a good time.  no drama.  no competition.  just love, support and encouragement.  it's so important that we carve out time for ourselves.  not to be a mom, or a wife, but to be you.  hanging out with your girlfriend's is such a great way to center yourself.  

so here's your call to action... pull out your calendar.  choose a date within the next 2 weeks.  text your girls this message:

i miss you guys.  it's been to long.  game night at my place.


i'll have the food, you bring the booze!  see you soon!

grab your favorite board games or some cards.  (KINGS is a favorite for game night in my crew.)  make a one pot meal, and watch the magic happen!   

celebrating our black girl magic with the family.  good times!