praise, anyway

this morning i woke up and said my morning prayer.  it changes daily of course.  today's was very much one of gratitude.  he allowed me to make decisions i could be proud of last night.  as i've always said, as soon as you make a declaration of what you will or will not do, you are immediately challenged in that area.  i said that i'm going to prioritize.  god.  family.  money.  nothing outside of these three things can effect any of these three things.  so if my friends want to hang out late, and i have an early call time, i have to say no.  priorities.  

as i wrapped my prayer, i texted my morning client to confirm.  "i'll text you tomorrow to let you know when we can resume." listen, i was EXPECTING that money.  like, bills need to be paid, first payment of the year NEEDED that money.  but ok god, i don't know what you're up to, but i'm trusting you.  i got up, walked into my studio of my newly renovated 4 bedroom home, found my praise and worship playlist and gave god a good praise.  for everything he's ALREADY done.  for everything he IS doing. because he is indeed doing something.  

the last 3 months have been a true testament of god working in his own time.  and oh, when he works... i have NO explanation for how i am where i am right now, except my god!  listen, give him some praise.  anyway.  it changes things.  it shifts your focus.  you can't focus on what you're lacking if you're saying thank you for what you have.  brew some tea, turn up your speakers and have a praise party.  he deserves it.  let your response to trials or disappointment simply be, "ok god, i don't know how, but i know you will."

here is a playlist with a handful of my go to praise & worship songs, in case you need it.

be faithful.  he's got your back!