2016 sucked... or did it?!

2016 in photo form

night before last, i sat up talking with my cousin til 5 in the morning.  we recapped the year ending, shared our plans for the upcoming year, and made declarations of "i will never again..." and "i'm going to start...". what really sticks out about the evening, is how we were able to take some good from a lot of the struggle we both endured.  like a lot of people, 2016 kinda kicked my ass, but i still won!  "how sway", you ask?  check this out...  i'm going to list the highlights of 2016 from 2 perspectives: #strugglebus vs #imstillvictorious.


  • i moved into my FIRST apartment
  • i secured a PT job that covered ALL bills
  • my job was flexible and accommodating
  • new client eliminated the need for childcare
  • God made provision to cover additional expense
  • my cousin let me use her car when needed
  • i got the truck i wanted, paid in full. NO MORE NOTE!
  • my lease at the apartment was extended with no penalties


  • my husband & i seperated & i moved out
  • i had to work a 9-5 to make ends meet
  • i lost my primary childcare for bee
  • my backup childcare moved out of state
  • i had to pay a car note for the first time in my life
  • i was too broke to pay my final car note
  • i had to pay $2,5k at the height of slow season
  • my new house was 3 months behind schedule for me to move in

look, all i'm saying is, the gravity of our situation is often based more on our perspective than our circumstances.  list your woes, then find the good that's there.  no, it's not easy, but it is possible.  a dear friend use to say, "the type of day you're having, is your choice."  i dare say, the type of week, month, year, life you're having, is your choice.  and it can easily shift if you choose to adjust your perspective.  if things look all bad from where you are, move.  things often look completely different if you just move where you're looking at it from.

happy new year folks.  make it great!

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