halloween is lit

i NEVER dress up for halloween.  the year before last i was a raggedy scarecrow and that's because i had to do something for work.  last year, bee punked me into being a cat.  (anything for my baby. :D)  this year, one of my dearest friends, who LOVES halloween was celebrating alone.  usually, she and her husband go hard!  full makeup, costumes, contacts, accessories, accents... the full nine.  but he's on deployment, and she was feeling somber.... 


she said she wanted to be jessica rabbit... BET! i'll be roger!  but then i got cheap. LOL i'm not buying a whole outfit to wear for one day.  big ass bow, bright red pants, suspenders, NOPE!  i've got a better idea.  i'll be "mrs. rabbit".  i haven't flexed my creative artist muscles in a while.  it's cool to know i still got it. 

here's my "mrs. bunny" makeup tutorial.  i was talking on the phone while i was recording so ignore my dramatic gestures. (i know, i'm kinda ratchet.)  PRODUCT LIST

special thank you to dj krate digga for the background music.  #ducksauce